Single source responsibility and a total systems approach translates into a high level of success. Present us with a water challenge, problematic equipment or system and we provide and carry out a solution from start to finish.

Aerex® Industries Field Service Offers:

  • Preventive Maintenance Contracts
  • Instrument and Valve Calibration
  • Membrane Cleaning
  • System Evaluations
  • System Retrofit and Modernization
  • Operator Training
  • Replacement Parts and Consumables
  • Trouble – Shooting and Repair
  • Replacement Membranes
  • Equipment Maintenance

We Service: Membrane Systems, Ion Exchange, Filtration, Chemical Feed, Pumps, UV, Clarifiers, Reactors, DAF, Degasifers, Scrubbers

For additional information or services, please contact John McGlynn here.