Design Engineering

For over 30 years, Aerex has designed and engineered systems for municipal and private entities in a variety of industries. Our team of design engineers are experts in designing products and solutions that exceed customer expectations, perform in the field, and can be manufactured cost-effectively.

Our engineers can design a solution from a basic customer supplied process and instrumentation diagram or we can work with existing specifications to recommend options that will:

· Improve product durability and reliability with correct materials of construction and proper instrumentation to decrease downtime and maintenance.

· Reduce life-cycle costs by value-engineering a solution to meet specific operating criteria.


Aerex is your single-source for all metal fabrication needs. Our team can perform custom fabrication to meet your exact specifications. Give us your greatest challenges and let us show you how we perform under pressure.

For two decades, Aerex has provided global leadership through innovation and expertise in the water and wastewater industry. With a superior customer satisfaction record, unrivaled workmanship of master craftsmen and the award-winning, innovative design team and a state-of-the-art, single-source production facility, Aerex will continue to develop advanced solutions for the current and future challenges facing the earth’s most precious resource.

With your individual requirements in mind, we provide complete, customized solutions to your needs from membrane systems and vessel products to solutions and treatments for water and wastewater, purification and recovery processes, construction services and membrane chemical services to plug and play installation, and a lifetime commitment to serving you and servicing your systems.

Aerex’s innovative and revolutionary approach to customer service solidifies its leadership in the world’s water and wastewater industry for today and future challenges facing the earth’s most precious resource.


For high precision, tight tolerance stainless steel machining, Aerex is your answer. Our extensive experience and highly-trained staff in advanced CNC machining capabilities, we can produce stainless steel parts and components at tolerances that will exceed customer expectations.

Aerex’ utilises computer controlled equipment for precise machining. Our workshop equipment include multi-Axis CNC mills and CNC wire EDM machines.


Aerex parent company—Consolidated Water—has over 40 years of plant operation experience. We are confident in our ability to deliver reliable, water management solutions. We can even guarantee results when we design and deliver the plant.

Performance Monitoring

Aerex and Consolidated Water have the ability to remotely monitor key plant performance indicators. Early warning via auto-dialers will reduce costly downtime and protect critical components.

Pickling and Passivation

Aerex provides pickling and passivation as well as electropolishing services for its stainless steel products in accordance with ASTM standards. We perform these procedures on all grades of Stainless Steel in our 40-foot long dip tanks. Our 100% dip Pickle and Passivate procedure ensures the complete protection for the inside of the pipe or tank as well as the outside surface.


Our engineers can establish an integrated system design for a complete treatment system, manufacture all equipment, supervise the installation, commission the system, provide operation and owner training services. The Aerex® staff combines materials and project specifications to cost effectively design custom products. This requires precise engineering, meticulous planning and continued analysis throughout the design process.

Design calculations and detailed manufacture drawings are prepared by our engineering department to comply with either ASME, API or customer supplied specifications. Our quality control department, established in accordance with ASME requirements, insures that each item is manufactured to the highest standards.

Aerex® also offers complete engineering services, including CAD drafting, 3-D modeling, structural finite element analysis, membrane treatment system design, and computerized hydraulic analysis. Our expertise extends to partnering with general contractors on large projects, yet also being capable of handling mid-size jobs as a single source.

Field Services

Single source responsibility and a total systems approach translates into a high level of success. Present us with a water challenge, problematic equipment or system and we provide and carry out a solution from start to finish. Aerex’ field service includes:

· Preventive Maintenance Contracts

· Instrument and Valve Calibration

· Membrane Cleaning

· System Evaluations

· System Retrofit and Modernization

· Operator Training

· Replacement Parts and Consumables

· Trouble – Shooting and Repair

· Replacement Membranes

· Equipment Maintenance

We Service: Membrane Systems, Ion Exchange, Filtration, Chemical Feed, Pumps, UV, Clarifiers, Reactors, DAF, Degasifers, Scrubbers


Our employees are FSAWWA licensed, award-winning and published educators who provide training and maintenance as part of the Aerex single-source responsibility and a total systems approach, which translates into a high level of success for our customers in the quality of water they put out.

As leaders in professional organizations, our instructors are highly sought after speakers and presenters at professional conferences. Further they are published in trade and professional publications.

Material Processing

Aerex is adept at turning raw steel into high quality finished products. We can work with a customer specification to meet tight tolerances or we can design a unit operation or system from a customer supplied Process and Instrumentation diagram.