Custom Systems and Equipment

Across virtually every industry, design engineers are confronted with the increasingly difficult challenge of creating a superior product that can be priced to succeed in today’s high competitive marketplace. At Aerex, we guarantee the best quality and best equipment for your particular region, and it’s all custom built because we work side by side with the customer to understand the challenges they face. This allows us to manufacture a wide range of standard and custom processing equipment more efficiently and cost-effectively while maintaining the highest quality.

We are a world leader in the design, production and supply of membranes, filtration devices, and separation systems. Our engineers can establish an integrated system for a complex water treatment system, manufacture all equipment, supervise the installation, commission the system and provide operation and owner training services to our customers for the lifetime of the product.

As a fully integrated manufacturer of custom equipment, we design and build a complete roster of major components as well as facilitate all required finishing and testing processes within our facility efficiently and cost-effectively, thus assuring the highest quality possible.

As an OEM provider, we are capable of handling mid-size jobs as a single source, yet we can also partner with general contractors on large projects, bringing stainless steel expertise, complete membrane systems, and micron filter housings and vessels to any job – all individually custom designed to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Aerex has the capacity and equipment to handle virtually any industrial stainless steel fabrication need.

Filtration Systems

Aerex is committed to developing advanced solutions for current and future challenges facing the earth’s most precious resource. Our expertise in water filtration systems allows us to analyze your particular water situation and water quality requirements to find the solution that best suits your needs.

  • Cartridge Filtration (CF)
  • Ultrafiltration (UF)
  • Nanofiltration (NF)

Cartridge Filter Vessels

Aerex has developed top-of-the-line stainless steel cartridge filter vessels that are not only aesthetically pleasing but have been designed for optimal operability. Aerex understands the need for ease of maintenance with quick filter replacement to ensure minimum downtime. Our cartridge filter vessels can accommodate double open-ended or single open-ended designs. Please download our brochure for product design features and specifications.

Cartridge Filter Elements


Aerex proudly distributes 5-micron cartridge filter elements made in the United States of America. We have a complete line of cartridge filter designs which include:

  • Melt Blown
  • String-wound
  • High-efficiency pleated

Membrane Systems

Membrane technology is rapidly gaining acceptance throughout the world as the most effective and economical water treatment method available. The degree of purification required generally determines what level of filtration is appropriate for a particular application. Only one water treatment method can effectively and economically address the diverse requirements of every user -membrane filtration.

Today’s water industry prefers a single source OEM who can provide a more comprehensive variety of equipment and services versus the use of multiple single component equipment suppliers. Aerex is the single source OEM provider. We value engineer precision support structures, large and small, manufactured and pre-assembled (plug and play) or assembled on-site, using the latest innovations in membrane and pressure vessel technology.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing completely assembled skids with either epoxy coated steel, stainless steel or FRP. Our large assortment of tooling and skilled labor allows us to manufacture and pre-assemble (or assemble on-site) the precision support structures that are necessary to take advantage of the latest innovations in membrane and pressure vessel technology.

Process Tanks and Columns

Aerex manufactures a variety of process tanks and distillation columns to serve many applications. Our Design Engineers can customize a treatment or storage system that will meet and exceed the most challenging applications. Aerex will also build to meet customer specifications.

We provide an extensive range of materials for distillation towers based on specific process parameters. Customized distillation column internals such as trays, packing, supports, and tower internals.

Pipe Systems

Aerex is a leading manufacturer of welded stainless steel tubing and piping systems for all piping requirements needed throughout the water and wastewater industry. We custom design integrated solutions for many water applications including water extraction and treatment, water purification processes, potable water supplies and distribution.

The wide variety of systems and components for all applications also includes tools and machines for pipe outlet extrusion, products for measurement, control and regulation, and pipes, fittings, and valves in many different materials. Resistant to corrosion, our innovative, distinctive, stainless steel, electro-polished systems are superior in design, performance and durability.

Our welders are qualified and certified in all of the materials we use giving you, the customer, the unmatched quality, true integrity, and complete customer satisfaction.

ASME Pressure Vessels

Aerex designs and manufactures superior quality pressure vessels and process tanks for a wide range of industrial applications worldwide.

We design, detail, and manufacture ASME vessels and API storage tanks fabricated from a variety of metallurgy ranging from carbon steel to titanium. Vessels are custom made to satisfy a variety of process, mixing and storage needs.

We ensure our designs exceed the expectation of our customers as we build products that not only last 20-40 years, but are be easily adaptable to meet a variety of municipal, industrial and other commercial needs.

Nuclear Equipment Fabrication

Aerex has an established NQA-1 quality program which allows us to design and fabricate a variety of treatment solutions for the Nuclear Industry. The Aerex name stands for on-time delivery, reliability, and outstanding value for money. We ensure corrosion resistance of the stainless steel by utilizing one of the industry’s largest 100% full-immersion pickle and passivation tanks.

Aerex will meet and exceed project-specific quality standards with a wide range of internal and external material testing equipment. We understand that high-quality workmanship and meeting delivery schedules are critical to the Nuclear industry.

Our Engineers and Fabricators can build to a customer specification or can design a system based on a conceptual process and instrumentation diagram.