City of Lake Worth
4.5 MGD Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Facility

Start Date: October 2009
Estimated Completion Date: September 2011
Client: City of Lake Worth
References: Henry Glaus, P.E. @ Mock, Roos & Associates (561) 683-3113

The City of Lake Worth contracted with Reynolds, Inc. to build a new reverse osmosis water treatment plant. Reynolds contracted with Aerex to provide three (3) 1.5 MGD Reverse Osmosis (RO) skids with future provisions to expand each skid to a capacity of 2.0 MGD.

Each of the three (3) 1.5 MGD RO skids will be shipped to the Lake Worth water treatment facility fully assembled including the 316 stainless steel frames, pressure vessels (less membranes), energy recovery turbines, feed, interstage, concentrate and permeate piping, instrumentation and instrument panels, sample panels, valves and junction boxes.

Upon arrival at the facility, each of the skids will be off-loaded and set into place ready for installation of the final piping and electrical connections.

Aerex’s design utilizes the Protec MSP 7 element pressure vessels direct connected with 4” feed/concentrate ports. The skids are designed as a 24-12 array in a 6 high x 6 wide configuration. All the skid mounted piping will be manufactured from 316L stainless steel.

Engineering design, project management and field service will be supplied from Aerex’s headquarters located in Fort Pierce, Florida.