Start Date: September 2005
Completion Date: November 2005
Client: Jupiter Island Club, Hobe Sound, Fla.

In early 2005, the management at the Jupiter Island Club decided that their existing two 200,000 gpd BWRO units could no longer meet the Club’s need for irrigation water. After exploring different options offered by several membrane system suppliers, the Club selected Aerex® Industries, Inc. to provide services for the membrane replacement and expansion of the system.

After reviewing the Club’s irrigation requirements, space constraints and desire to reduce operating costs, Aerex® took the approach of refitting the existing trains so that each retrofitted train would produce 300,000 gpd. This will be accomplished by replacing original pressure vessels and membranes and adding a second stage boost pump to take advantage of the latest technology in low pressure membranes.

The revised process allows the Club to produce 600,000 gpd for less cost of energy than the original 400,000 gpd system.