Start Date: September 2003
Completion Date: September 2003
Client: Martin County Utilities

When the membranes in Train B at the Martin County Utilities, Jensen Beach RO plant could no longer meet the demand for water quantity and quality, Aerex® Industries was selected to provide services for the membrane replacement. Working in conjunction with Kimley-Horn & Associates and Hydranautics, Aerex® service personnel completed the custom membrane replacement of 312 membranes while limiting the down time of Train B to less than 12 hours.

After reviewing the system operating data and based on the Hydranautics projections for the new membranes, the engineers and owners requested Aerex® Industries modify the first stage permeate piping of Trains A and B with the installation of control valves. Flow-Tek 6” V-port valves were selected and installed to provide first stage flow control. In order to protect the membranes, rupture disks were installed prior to the control valves.

Due to continual problems of biological growth in the permeate hoses and difficulty performing maintenance, the utility department asked Aerex to provide a solution. Aerex® fabricated and installed hard piped PVC permeate connections with unions allowing easy end cap removal and eliminating the biological growth.