Start Date: August 2005
Completion Date: January 2006
Client: Martin County, Florida

Martin County contracted with Astaldi Construction Corporation to construct the new Tropical Farms brackish water reverse osmosis (BWRO) system. This adds to, and will ultimately replace, the existing 1.5 MGD nanofiltration system that has been operational on site since 1996. The system was originally contracted with a capacity of 4.0 MGD, but soon expanded to the full 8.0 MGD capacity. There is a total of four 2.0 MGD BWRO trains that use Hydranautics ESPA2 low pressure membrane elements.

Due to the need for potable water within the service boundary of the Tropical Farms plant, Martin County contracted directly with Aerex® for the final two trains to expedite completion of this facility.

The structural components of the Martin County system were fabricated from Extren fiberglass shapes, supporting Bekaert Progressive Composite PRO-8-300-MSP pressure vessels and Pump Engineering LPT-1000 energy recovery devices. The pressure vessels are interconnected using Aerex’s® innovative port to port “direct connect” design, with all feed, concentrate and permeate piping of 316 stainless steel.

Based on the design of Kimley-Horn & Associates consulting engineers, Aerex’s® scope included provision and installation of the membrane process trains, status panels and sample panels. In addition, Aerex® fabricated all of the 316 stainless steel process trench piping installed by Astaldi.

Aerex® supplies all engineering design, project management and field service will be supplied from its headquarters in Fort Pierce, Fla. Aerex® field service personnel ensure proper operation of the system with thorough training of the Martin County personnel on all aspects of the system, including maintenance, cleaning and troubleshooting.