Start Date: September 2005
Completion Date: February 2006
Client: St. Joe/Arvida Corporation

The Summer Camp development of exclusive single family homes is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, south of Tallahassee. Developed by St. Joe/Arvida Corporation, this development experienced high levels of hardness, organic content and dissolved iron in their raw water supply. Conventional types of water treatment proved ineffective at reducing the hardness and trihalomethane (THM) precursors caused by the organic levels in the well water. Therefore, in order to supply potable water to their customers that met all applicable State and Federal regulations, St. Joe contracted with Aerex® Industries, Inc. to design and construct an NF membrane system to meet their quantity and quality needs.

Due to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP) requirement for complete system redundancy, Aerex® fabricated a single skid containing two identical 144.000 GPD NF units. The structural frame contained two cartridge filter housings and two NF systems including feed pumps, pressure vessels, instrumentation, controls and piping. The system was completed fabricated in Aerex’s® facility in Fort Pierce, Fla., and shipped to the site fully assembled and ready for placement in the building provided. Ancillary equipment included chemical feed systems for sulfuric acid, scale inhibitor and sodium hydroxide as well as a cleaning system and blend control.