The Town of Davie contracted with Aerex to provide four (4) 2 MGD independently operating Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems, three (3) cartridge filter vessels and one (1) clean in place system.

The four (4) piece RO skid will be shipped to the Town of Davie water treatment facility in subassemblies and assembled onsite including the 316 stainless steel frames, Koch 8040-HR-400 membrane elements, Pump Engineering LPT-500 energy recovery devices, pressure vessels, feed, interstage, concentrate and permeate piping, instrumentation and instrument panels, sample panels, valves and control panels.

Aerex’s scope includes independent control panels with full PLC and HMI programming.

Aerex’s design utilizes the Protec SP 6 element pressure vessels manifolded with 1-1/2” feed/concentrate ports. The skids are designed as a 40-18 array in a 10 high x 6 wide configuration. All the skid mounted piping will be manufactured from 316L stainless steel.

Engineering design, controls, programming, project management and field service will be supplied from Aerex’s headquarters located in Fort Pierce, Florida.